Slam Radio 300 | Alexander Kowalski
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Description: Slam Radio 300 with Alexander Kowalski Berlin techno veteran Alexander Kowalski brings his Slam Radio mix today after just releasing his album on Mord: After having immediately established himself as an dynamic live act in 1997, Kowalski has made a career of engaging his fleet of machines in the production of everything from techno to house and dub. Essentially a self reliant solo artist, Kowalski has also been a galvanizing force in his corner of the Berlin techno scene both as a label boss at Damage Music Berlin, production collaborator and remixer. Heiko Laux - Liquidism (Part 2) (Kanzleramt) Oscar Mulero - Inheritance (Coda) Aiken - Genetics (Non Series) Alexander Kowalski - A Mistaken Identity (Mord) DJ Capricorn - Third Wave (Proper) Hiroaki Iizuka - HH2 (Endlec Remix 1) (Self Reflektion) Alexander Kowalski - Uprising (Mord) Steve Stoll - Out Of Context (Novamute) Seleccion Natural - Random Mutations (Pole Group) DJ Hell - Hell vs.Richie (Disko B) Shlomo - Obsession (Oscar Mulero Remix) (Wolfskuil Records) Surgeon - Force & Form Remake 2 (Tresor) Inigo Kennedy - Nano Technology B2 (Asymmetric) Alexander Kowalski - The Totem (Mord) Gecko vs Planetary Assault Systems - Just Close Your Exit (Kowalski Bootleg) d_func. - Fixed Response (Diego Amura Remix) (Konsequent) Tensal - Zomb (Soma) Alexander Kowalski - Cycles (The 13th Chapter) (Mord)