Slam Radio 290 | Dr. Rubinstein
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Description: Slam Radio 290 with Dr. Rubinstein Marina Rubinstein loves to DJ, but even when shes perched in the booth, weaving together a invigorating assortment of hypnotic acid, 90s rave and pumping techno, her mind is on the dancefloor. After all, it was on dancefloor that this Russian-born, Israeli-reared artist fell in love with techno in the first place. Long before she started playing records and adopted the Dr. Rubinstein moniker, she was a self-declared true raver in Tel Aviv, and it was during those long nights of partying that she eventually came to see dancing as a kind of meditation. When the music is right, she explains, you can free your mind and just dance without thinking of anything. For me, its the best feeling in life, something that brings absolute happiness. @dr-rubinstein Slam Radio Playlist on Spotify: iTunes: Slam Radio is produced at For syndication or radio queries, email and N/A