Slam Radio 252 | Jerome Hill
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Description: Slam Radio 252 with Jerome Hill Jerome Hill is the dictionary definition of the DJs DJ. In terms of pure technique hes one of the very best out there - cutting and scratching like a hip hop pro, but blending like the deepest techno maestros - but none of that ever comes at the expense of delivering pure pleasure to the dancefloor. Whether he's playing techno, rave, hip hop, funk and soul or anything else he turns his hand to, his first priority is always the atmosphere and crowd vibe he's creating. And his dedication to all that's best about rave culture extends to running his clubs and labels with the emphasis firmly on honouring the music, and doing right by both punters and artists. DBX - Spock's Brain (Accelerate) Jerome Hill - The Creeper (Swords) Another Alias - Blind Spot (Don't) Johannes Heil - Exile 8 (Exile) DJ D-Man - Chicken Head (Dance mania) Boboflux - Puzzlebox (Nu Futura) Neil Landstrumm - Rise Of Slime (Earwiggle) Tube Jerk - Brainbag (Sativae) Slam - Make You Move (Soma) Jerome Hill - Donkey Bite (Don't) Sunil Sharpe - Owecha (On The Hoof) New Flesh - Stick & Move Remix (Big Dada) Dax J - West Bank (Soma) Marshall Applewhite - Go Home (Yo Sucka) DJ Hyperactive - Reptilian Tank (Contact) M/C/Jones - 3eeek (21/22 Corp) Booty Slave & Dave The Drummer - Defcon 101 (Hydraulix) Radial - Warscare (Mord) DJ JR Dionte - 97 Grads (Dance Mania) Developer - The Charmer (Modularz) Richie Hawtin - 005 (Plus 8) The Gay MC - Boys (U Freaqs) Thomas Bangalter - I Don't Know (Roule) Nebula II - Antheama (Reinforced) DJ Powerout - Unknown (unknown) Paul Johnson - This one Jacks it Luke's Anger - Bonus Round 001 (Bonus Round) Axel Boman - Nocturne (Pampa) Another Alias - Swine Of The Month (Whites Of My Eyes) Mr Ho - Vintage VSTs (Clone Jack For Daze) Bitstream - Monolith (Signal)