Slam Radio 241 | Mareena
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Description: Slam Radio 241 with Mareena As one of the curators of the New Faces night at Tresor as well as her UNRUSH podcast, interview and event series, Mareena has continuously crafted new conduits for both established and emerging artists to break down musical barriers and transform the world around them. As a DJ she is a chameleon, carefully stitching together immaculate and immersive sound landscapes for any occasion. Whether she is playing peak time, warm up, or after hour, her sound reveals an intelligent eclecticism fused with bold elements of surprise that exemplify her rich knowledge of electronic music culture. 01 Cliff Martinez - Gold Paint Shoot (Motion Picture for The Neon Demon) 02 Sigha - Black Massing (Token) 03 Post Scriptum - Year Zero - 9_t_9_t Remix (Post Scriptum Records) 04 Bjarki - Genat (Trip) 05 Robert S. - White Window (Sleaze Records) 06 DVS1 - The Chase (Hush) 07 Christian W