Slam Radio 225 | Luigi Tozzi
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Description: Slam Radio 225 with Luigi Tozzi Born and educated in Rome, the young Italian producer Luigi Tozzi was strongly influenced by the roman scene and its local artists, many of whom gave a crucial contribution to the birth and growth of the deep techno sound. Luigis music has so far been released on the established label Dynamic Reflection, Hypnus Records, where he found a platform that inspired him to develop his style. Melting the tribal and hypnotic elements of techno with the atmospheric and emotional side of ambient music he is making his own path in the world of electronics. 1) Clay Wilson E4 (Patrick Russel Remix) 2) Luigi Tozzi Endor (Moon) 3) Evigt Morker Magdalene Spell 4) Dino Sabatini & Luigi Tozzi Celeno 5) Claudio PRC - Nur 6) Donato Dozzy The Night Rider 7) Stefan Rein Go For It! (Blind Observatory Remix) 8) Abdulla Rashim Endasilasie 2 9) Leo Anibaldi Always From Reality (Marcus Henriksson Remix) 10) Eshu Ramayana Chant 11) Organit Tribe 12) Amandra Lutecia 13) Etapp Kyle Sakura 14) Rote - End Of The Sky 15) Carbon Based Lifeforms - VLA (Edit) 16) Voices From The Lake - Max