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Description: Slam Radio 224 with Echoplex Glasgow based Echoplex feels as though the world of techno is not broad enough for him, this is clear when you listen to his incredible back catalogue of game changing releases on Soma, ARTS, Soleil and Synewave to name a few. A versatile and ever evolving artist, and a pleasure to welcome him to Slam Radio. Echoplex Intro Oscar Mulero Texture Orphx Zero Hour (Sonic Groove) P.E.A.R.L Beyond The Past P.E.A.R.L Vice Of Kings Ricardo Garduno Alteraciones De Amor Traversable Wormhole Semiclassical Gravity HOS 464 TK Take 06 The Plant Worker Delta Cut 02 RVO Imperative Bias Slam Corridors S-File Transmission (Ben Long Remix) S-File Digital Disorder (Turbo Turbo Remix) Phase Binary Opposition (Process 1) Exium Destructive Testing Exium Carbon Cycle Models Raffaele Attanasio & Douglas J. McCarthy Eutanasia Laurent Garnier Crispy Bacon (Original Mix) Komplex Sub Harmonix (Echoplex edit) Kenneth Graham unreleased Jeff Mills Unreleased Psi-DOM In Hoc Signo Vinces Gregory S Memory Flash Gotshell TR 27 Donor EM1 (Silent Servant Remix) DJ Pierre & Green Velvet Vs Phuture Acid Depeche Mode Peace (Echoplex remix) unreleased Chain Fold Chain Convert British Murder Boys Rule By Law Bjork All is Full of Love Ben Long Munitions 2 P.E.A.R.L HogII (Stave Remix) PI2 - B2 - PI Electronics Stojche Raison Detre Tangible Assets Speedy J Something for your mind Nine Inch Nails Closer to God (Echoplex remix) unreleased Nitzer EBB Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix) Nitzer EBB Down on your knees LFO LFO (Echoplex remix) unreleased Damon Wild Rotary (Mark Morris Back into the Future remix) Anomaly X Dynamics 1 Strikt Tim Wolff Skeptic (Jonas Kopp Stripped Light Mix) Sleeparchive Five Cubes on Twenty-Five Squares Error Etica Conflict Koichi Awaken (Post Scriptum remix) Animal Farm Terrence Fixmer Beneath the Skin Ostgut Ton Orphx Molten Heart Sonic Groove Orphx Outcast Sonic Groove Petrichor Narisshu (Original Mix) Echoplex - Outro