Slam Radio 222 | UBX127
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Description: Slam Radio 222 with UBX127 After bursting out onto the scene with three stellar EPs for Len Fakis Figure in 2016, its time to lift the veil of anonymity over one of Swedens best kept secrets. Listening to the finely tuned synth-work that permeates most of his deep and dubbed out techno excursions, it becomes clear that UBX127 is not a new player to the game. While the Warp-catalogue of the mid-90s helped him develop a keen ear for futuristic electronic sounds early on, soon his focus shifted towards techno and raves. Following this newfound creative spur while drawing inspiration within the confinements of hardware and instruments, UBX127 now is all about delving deeper into a personal exploration of what techno actually means. Distilling its pure, unadulterated essence and finding the perfect groove. N/A