Slam Radio 219 | Headless Horseman
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Description: Slam Radio 219 with Headless Horseman Headless Horseman has been cementing a place as one of the most exciting live acts in Techno. The eponymous Headless releases sum up the modus operandi of this artist: dark, raw, and rhyth-mic IDM flavoured Techno. His hardware only live sets at Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin and worldwide have really showcased the Horsemans insurmountable skills as a producer and performer. These Hidden Hands - Grelles Licht Ants - Zevra Simon Shreeve - System Living Oake - Esclandre Headless Horseman - Midnight Ride Positive Center - (Unreleased) wk[es] - Atad Fell - The Descent (Talker Remix) Manni Dee - Abundant Fuckry Headless Horseman - Gallows Orphx - Sever the Signal wk[es] - Cpcp Steven Porter - Dwell in Hell Headless Horseman - At the Gates P.E.A.R.L. - Hoglll (Phase Fatale Remix) Vofa - PI01.1.2 Eschaton - Deus Irae Codex Empire - Hessdalen Headless Horseman - Legend Perc & Randomer - Igneous Developer - Scriptures Pfirter - New State of Consciousness Headless Horseman - Under the Earth Yuji Kondo - Whip Blow Headless Horseman - Haunted Decon / Recon 2_1 - A