Slam Radio 216 | Ray Kajioka
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Description: Slam Radio 216 with Ray Kajioka Ray Kajioka is a german Techno producer, remixer, DJ and Live Act since 1995, based in Berlin. He is well known for his output on Kanzleramt Music, especially for his tunes Sparks and Thrill. In November of 2016 Ray Kajioka will release his new album Consistency, on Heiko Lauxs label Kanzleramt, a label with which Kajioka has worked with closely for over a decade. 01 Intro 02 Fast Forward (Album Consistency, Kanzleramt) 03 RC14 (unreleased) 04 Never Ending (released, Cocoon Compilation, Cocoon Recordings) 05 Transporter (released, MBR Limited) 06 Polarity (unreleased, Parabel) 07 Patch (Album Conistency, Kanzleramt) 08 Taurus (Album Conistency, Kanzleramt) 09 Awakening (Ray Kajioka Remix for David Temessi on DSR Digital) 10 Thrill (released, Thrill, Kanzleramt)