Slam Radio 208 | Albert van Abbe
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Description: Slam Radio 208 with Albert van Abbe Eindhovens Albert van Abbe has been involved in many different musical projects over the past 15 years. Currently focused on making absorbing techno under his own name, he has found a unique creative niche where manic percussion, searching synths and wide open soundscapes exist in perfect harmony. There is a serenity to his music that is soothing and calming, while at the same time, arresting and experimental. Besides his own VANABBE and No Comment labels, he has released on tasteful outlets like Curle, Semantica, Deep Sound Channel and ESHU. van Abbe is also a live performer, speaking volumes through his machines. Recently, he has performed live shows at Berghain, Awakenings and ADE. When not crafting melancholic and salubrious atmospheres of his own, he brings this depth outwards, hosting events titled DRUM. 01 SEV DAH - FALLEN COMRADS 02 FRANCOIS X - TIME 03 A001 - NECRO 04 KEITA SANO - WHY NOT 05 FRANCOIS X - UNICORN PARANOIA 06 JESPER DAHLBACK & NIMA KHAK - KITTENS ARE LLAMAS 07 DANIEL AVERY - SENSATION [RROSE REMIX] 08 ORBE - MUSIC FOR SPHERES [STEVE TOLL REMIX] 09 ROTE - ROTE 4 10 ABSTRACT DIVISION - CORROSIVE MIND [MILTON BRADLEY REMIX] 11 COSMIN TRG - KAPOTASANA 12 ELYAS - 3.1 13 KWARTZ - OTZI B2 14 KEITA SANO - I CANT TURN YOU LOOSE 15 AMOTIK - PANDRAH 16 ALBERT VAN ABBE - VISION 02 [VANABBE04] 17 ERP - EAGLE NEBULA