Slam Radio 206 | DJ Red
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Description: Slam Radio 206 with DJ Red Simona Calvani, aka DJ Red,is a Rome-Berlin based DJ producer. She can be considered as one of the most influential DJ in the Roman techno scene in the last 10 years. She has a residency at Goa Ultrabeat in Rome . After spending several years absorbing music trends in some of Europe most prominent club scenes, she eventually decided to settle in Berlin where shes now producing music for label such as BPitch Control and Electric Deluxe. DJ Red is one of the few DJs around that still relies on vinyl for her DJ sets; she has a true love for the format, which guarantees a constant degree of originality during her performances. Orphx - Aurora Perc rmx- Passarella Death Squad /Temperate Dub Jamie Haus - CSGRV /Alpha Repart / Dragoon Marco Shuttle / Flusso Dinamico Lewis Fautzi / Blood Planetary Assault System / Turn TWR72 / Vestibulocochlearis Donato Dozzy / TechTresor DeepBass -Ness /Proximity Dj Red /Underwater Oniks / Diplora James Ruskin - Dvs1 / Page 1 Function / DX3 Analog Bass Seq Ben Klock /Sirens XHEI Rmx -Riccardo Garduno /News From Colombia Yan Cook /Roller