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Description: Slam Radio 174 with Svreca Svreca is one of Spanish technos most recent celebrated sons. As a DJ, producer and label boss he constantly updates his vision for the genre. Both his own techno and the stuff he releases on his own Semantica label from the likes of Surgeon, Silent Servant and Abdulla Rashim is truly textured and experimental, abstract but inviting stuff that makes for a cerebral listening experience. Top fire from a DJ with a plan. Yves De Mey - Prelament Cio DOr -Tomorrow Was Yesterday (Svreca Remix) Max Durante - Biocentrism (Donato Dozzy Remix) Modern Heads - Beginning (Giorgio Gigli Remix) Subjected - Ambro (Acronym Remix) ROOM506 - Red Embers Voices From The Lake - Zulu Vortex Abdulla Rashim - Internal Fall Kanding Ray - On Sleepless Roads Edit Select - Hi Line Extraction (Claudio PRC Version) Cassegrain - Kor Acronym - Fortification Sigha - Our Father Donato Dozzy / - Automa Talos (Donato Dozzy Version) Retina.It - Ecate Trigemina Svreca - Sleepless (Voices From The Lake Remix) Abdulla Rashim - A Shell Of Speed Container - Cushion