Slam Radio 156 | Giorgio Gigli
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Description: Slam Radio 156 with Giorgio Gigli Ahead of his debut album on Electric Deleuxe, Giorgio Gigli is among Italy's most influential techno artists. Though he's only releasing his first album now, he's been active since the early '00s. He emerged amidst one of Italian techno's most fertile and important periods, during which producers and labels like Donato Dozzy, Eletronica Romana and Minimal Rome first began garnering serious attention. Reggy Van Oers - Tunnel Dweller - Informa Records Von Grall - No Contact (Claudio PRC Remix) - Planet Rhythm Deepbass - Symbiont - - Informa Records A.J.C. -Exodus - JCSS01 Dinamite - Atman - Planet Rhythm Default Mode - Network - Dynamic Reflection Jeff Rushin Enigma - Mote Evolver Invite -Phonology - Invite's Choice Records Von Gral - Quadratic - Planet Rhythm Jeff Rushin - Decline into shadows (Edit Select Remix) Petter B - Transporter - (ReAxis Remix) - Planet Rhythm Bas Mooy - Men on wire - Mord Bas Mooy - A feast for crows - Mord Alhek - Blume01 - Cirque Du Minimaliste Bryan Chapman - Valley of the Troodon (Original Mix) - Amazone Records H