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Description: Slam Radio 152 with Slam We're back in the mix today after being on the road at Cocoon Ibiza, among others, so tune in to hear some of the tracks that have been working for us recently in the clubs. In other Slam news: -Our Pressure Lights is available now on vinyl. Grab it from the Soma Shop. -New Paragraph release is on its way. Stay tuned! -On Friday, we celebrate Pressure opening party at SWG3 in Glasgow with Dave Clarke, Animal Farm, Deepbass & Edit Select. Tickets available on RA. -On Saturday, were back in Edinburgh for a special 4-hour set at the Mash House. SNTS TRK.1 (Original Mix) Shifted Arrangement In Monochrome II DEEPBASS Sleepwalker (Abstract Division remix) Dusty Kid - Exit 12 (Claudio PRC Rework) Leiras Beginning of Visions Boris Rem Samuel L Session - Deserted (Affin 154) Pfirter - Procyon (Tensal Remix) [MINDTRIP] Antonio De Angelis - Singular Dream (Original Mix) WhiteRose01_A1_Duster_Traum_-_Chordrizim Planetary Assault Systems Tempory Suspention - Slam Remix Lewis Fautzi - Illusion (Original Mix) [TSUNAMI RECORDS] Jack Master - Bang The Box (1993) Ilario Alicante - Distanza Nina Kraviz - Ghetto Kraviz (Regal 303 Remix) Aiken - Potential (Original Mix) [NON SERIES] Subjected Deko (Deepbass Remix) Orphx What Will Burn (Original Mix) Ed Davenport & Inland Solstice (Original Mix) Ben Sims New Blood (Robert Hood Mix) Unknown Jonas Kopp - Anklad Mark Broom - Stunned (97 Mix) -M Plant Jeff Rushin - Coda - Mote Evolver Discrete Circuit - Recursive Descent (Original Mix)