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Description: Slam Radio 142 with Gemini Voice Archive Gemini Voice Archive are a Spanish duo of techno producers: A new and mysterious addition to the Soma roster. A series of rather brilliant demos have led to this unknown duo taking Soma HQ by storm. Theyre jacking yet soulful Techno sound permeates through every track on their debut EP (Monday June 22nd). 1. Oscar Mulero Second Layer (Original Mix) 2. Alessio Pili - Strategy of Terror (Original Mix) 3. Allen MH370 (Original Mix) 4. Deepbass Sleepwalker (Original Mix) 5. Dino Sabatini Modulation (Original Mix) 6. Reeko Segmento 3 (Original Mix) 7. Gemini Voice Archive Transparencia Opaca (Original Mix) 8. Reeko Passage 17.1 (Original Mix) 9. The YellowHeads - Amor Disonante (Original Mix) 10. Shifted Aun Weor (Original Mix) 11. Exium Massless Particle (Oscar Mulero Remix) 12. Kwartz Second Function (Original Mix) 13. Lewis Fautzi Binary (Oscar Mulero Remix) 14. Philip Row Slope (Jonas Kopp Remix) 15. Tensal B-B1 (Original Mix) 16. The YellowHeads Tresor (Original Mix) 17. R