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Description: Slam Radio 058 with Kirk Degiorgio Kirk Degiorgio DIE FORM: ReSearch (Out Of LIne)DAS DING: Inter Caetera (Authentic Fiction) KRAFTWERK: Helmcomputer (EMI) CARMODY: Vulcani (Mannequin) TWILIGHT RITUAL: WebbMen (Micrart) THE TWINS: Birds & Dogs (Oblivion Edit) (Hansa) MODEL 500: Night Drive Thru Babylon (Metroplex) MAN PARRISH: Man Made (Importe 12) FREQUENCY X: Television (Metroplex) PORTION CONTROL: Thrust Angle (In Phaze) AUSGANG VERBOTEN: Consumer (Entertainment) FRONT 242: Body To Body (New Dance) DIE FORM: Caresse (Out Of Line) SAM ROSENTHAL: The Return (Mannequin) VICTROLA: The Mutant Glow (Bird) ULTRAVOX: Herr X (Chrysalis) DIE FORM: Message Through Her(t)z (Out Of Line) SNOWY RED: How Funny Are These Explosions (Onder Stroom) AUTUMN: The Third Autumn (Micrart) - See more at: