Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 006 Cozmic Spore
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Description: Mike Brickner (Cozmic Spore) Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mike discovered his true calling in life in 1993 and set out to create his own brand of techno music. In 1996, fate and destiny brought 2 disturbed techno minds together and Mike and his former partner created Seismic Records Detroit in 1998 but is no longer active. Seismic Records Detroit was Mikes main outlet for his evil brand of techno music, but in the beginning of the year 2008, Mike started his own label called Cozmic Spore Records . He has also released projects on such labels as Definition, Secret Weapon Records, Internal Error, Cetron, Kombustion, Restructured, Third Eye, Division X and React Records. World renowned Djs such as Dave Clarke have also licensed tracks from the Cozmic Spore. Not only is Mike a world class techno producer but he is a highly skilled Dj as well. He has played with the best techno has to offer such as the Orb, the Advent, Adam Beyer, Marco Corrolla and many others. Keep up to date with Cozmic Spore at his Website , SoundCloud and FB Fan Page Tracklist