Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 023 Marco Asoleda
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Description: Marco Asoleda (France) Todays Dystopian Rhythm podcast comes from Amazone label boss Marco Asoleda. Marco was born and raised in southwestern France. He found his way into the Spanish techno scene in the mid 90s and began DJing and eventually producing soon after. In 2005 he founded Amazone Records, which has released tracks and remixes from names like Perc, Audio Injection, Paul Mac, Plankton, Memnok, and tons more. It has grown to become a highly influential label and garners plays from some of the biggest DJs in techno. As an artist, Marco has an affinity for techno and electro, and loves to play to the crowd. He has performed all over Europe as well as parts of North America and Asia. Tracklist