Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 027 Deepbass
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Description: Deepbass (Glasgow, United Kingdom) Deepbass was introduced to the scene in 2009 his music is best described as deep, dark, atmospherical techno. Born in Glasgow, Scotland. His passion for electronic music started from a young age where he would spend his weekends in record stores searching for music, he discovered artists like Speedy J and Jeff Mills who really opened his eyes to the world of techno. He started producing music in 2008 and from there his sound evolved, always minimalistic, elements of ambient, hypnotic rhythms and deep rolling basslines. In 2010 he launched his label Informa Records as a platform to express himself and to explore further into his brand of deep techno. The label is going strong has now had to opportunity to work with artists such as Modern Heads, Cio DOr, Mark Broom, Edit Select Echologist, Ness, Hironori Takahashi, nAX_Acid and many more high quality artists. Deepbass has had a string of releases on some great labels such as Dynamic Reflection, Aconito Records and Shapeless Records. He has a number of live shows and Informa showcases under his belt which have taken him to Tresor Berlin, Studio 80 Amsterdam, Moog Barcelona, Plunk Moscow and a number of other clubs in citys across Europe.