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Description: Chamomile (Brooklyn, NY) Techno producer Roman Chamomile (aka Chamomile) is currently released on multiple well -established record labels, such as Miniaturesrec, Subtrak, Kynatix, Imperial/Border Recordings, UrbanVibe, Truth Underground, Aerotropic, De-Konstrukt, Footmusic Records, Lung Filler, Cromatiq, Pool 8, Ill Bomb, Resorted Recordings and multiple others. His exploratory vibes have been perceived as astray from the mainstream EDM sound and should be regarded as Dark Techno. His latest productions include elements of dark atmospheres, gritty evil vocals, sci-fi/mechanical sounds, and industrial elements, with each track superseding the last by higher quality and intricate creativity. Born in Ukraine, Roman moved to NYC at the age of 10, with a profound knowledge of music theory, and proficiency as a young pianist. At the age of 13 he was introduced to Fl Studio and began familiarizing himself with the DAW he learned to appreciate above all others. By the age of 19, Roman was an accomplished guitarist, keyboardist, and bassist, playing in numerous Black/Death Metal bands which opened up for a multitude of revered acts in that scene (from which he achieved his darker tastes for music). His secondary passion was always dance music, which he discovered has a darker edge within the many EDM genres he listened to, such as DnB, Hard House, Minimal, and Techno. After frequenting mainstream and local events, Roman became discontent with the direction of the music industry and started getting into the underground techno scene in NYC. He became a producer/dj after he broke ties with his previous music career and had his first release with Kynatix in January 2012. Within a year he opened up for numerous techno pioneers and emerging artists like Carl Craig, Sebo K, Carlo Lio, Connie, John Selway, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joel Mull, Troy Pierce, Subfractal, Craft, Mike Parker, Onda Skillet, Duckhunter, Monoloc, Brian Sanhaji, Splatter, Monktec, Christian Smith, Umek, and many more. Roman is also the co-producer in Destroy Date along with d_Verge, with their recent release More Disk Space currently available via Kynatix. Chamomiles tracks have been featured on the genre top 100 charts by Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, Trackitdown and have been charted by many techno heavy hitters. Check out the various social media sites for more on this emerging techno artist. Tracklist Raiz- Valk (D.Carbone Remix) RevNoise- Sphalerite (Andres Gil Foully Remix) Tom Eirh- Neutralized (Niereich Remix) Forest People- Khamael (Hans Boffmyhre Remix) Kobs- Atavic