Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 033 Headliner
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Description: Headliner (Mexico) Jennys music exploration in the studio began in 2012 and now produces under the names Headliner and La Guru. Her passion for music has no limits; she has music in her blood. Her voice has been sampled to be used in many Techno productions by Craft and remixes by other producers as well. You will often find her listening and discovering new tracks and artists, or at Techno events, festivals or places like Berghain in Berlin having the time of her life dancing. Simply, a crazy healthy raver that would dance for hours and hours to proper Techno beats and bass. It is no surprise that she is releasing her debut album on Aerotropic label soon. Experience her techno sets in podcasts and spontaneous after-hour sets. Headliner/La Guru Soundcloud: @la-guru -Feed The Raver: www.feedtheraver.com -Twice as Proper website: www.twiceasproper.com