Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 035 Rvde
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Description: Rvde (Italy) Rvde is the project born from two dj/producer. Different background but the same point of view. Theyre into music since they have memory. Experimenting with several styles, they find their own way with a kind of raw, deep, dark and twisted techno. It encloses inside the basics of electronic music and shades of analogue soundscape, like the todays european techno sound. They play and produce with both software and hardware tools. Around since December 2012, Rvde have just released their first ep on Black Reel Records, and have their second upcoming ep on Intellighenzia Electronica. Also theyre workin on plenty of tracks, remixes and collaboration, who just got a good support from many artists (such as DVS1, Chris Liebing, Coeter, Morgan Tomas, Electrorites, Wirrwarr, Vegim and so on). Energy and coherence define them, and give them a positive feedback. Rvde dont believe in any particular strategy, nor image of themselves. What matters is music, without compromises.