Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 050 Garrett Dillon
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Description: Tracklist (All Dystopian Rhythm tracks Past/Present/Future) Angel Costa Alive (Ricardo Garduno Remix) DRR010 Atie Horvat Shifter (Forest People Remix) DRR009 Flex Data 2.0 DRR006 Angel Costa Apok DRR010 Andre Ramos Generator B DRR011 Virulent The Abyssal Shelf (Owen Sands Remix) DRR005 Andrei Morant Thirst DRR004 Justin Schmuacher Activated Complex DRR007 Justin Schmuacher Transition State DRR007 Rene Walther Temple Of The Mind (Garrett Dillon Remix) DRR001 Garrett Dillon Light Shadows (GO!DIVA Remix) DRR008 Garrett Dillon Knock DRR002 Mark Morris Indysine (Future 16 Remix) DRR003 Garrett Dillon Light Shadows (Measure Divide Remix 1) DRR008 Atie Horvat Scrambled DRR009 Rene Walther Temple Of The Mind (Virulent Remix) DRR001 Garrett Dillon Broken One DRR002 Virulent Voidwalker (Dolgener Remix) DRR005 DRR001 DRR006 are currently for sale on Beatport. They can be purchased here www.beatport.com/label/dystopian-rhythm/33828 DRR007 will be available for sale on March 17th. DRR008 will be available for sale on April 9th.