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Description: Robin C J Smyth A.K.A Tekseven is an electronic music producer living in Belfast Northern Ireland. Robin has been making electronic music since the early nineties. His first success as a producer came on a compilation CD called the sound of the Irish underground He also made an E.P which was picked up by Sony Records at this time. He played live and ran a club called Lemon in the center of Belfast. This club featured lots of local electronic music talent and was well received. Robin learned how to make music at his friends studio called JA. He assisted engineering many bands there and used an old emu sampler to make his music. Although he had limited success his interest in music never subsided. At the end of the Nineties Robin Decided it was time to travel the world so he did just that. He took his knowledge of the studio and used it to get work while he traveled. He worked as far away as San Francisco and Thailand engineering Bands and Creating Ideas for his music. It was During this time that Robin learned how to play. He says that at time all he had was an acoustic guitar so he decided to learn how to play it properly. This musical knowledge has been very useful in recent times as Teksevens production have been cutting it. About two years ago Robin Created Tekseven and began his online profile. Sending out tracks to small indie electronic music labels. His music has been well received and was immediately inundated with request for releases. After much deliberation Robin decided on a small labels to release material. His first digital release was an E.P on Teleport Records called LA Dream. He also had a 12 inch out under Tekseven by a Finish Label called Black Economy. The record was well received getting some good reviews by Juno records and Phonica. Robins Artistic career has lead him into other territories mostly in the visual arts. He studied fine art at Belfast Art college and made lots of Abstract paintings. He made a foray into the world of film making with some success. He made three short films which have been shown all over the world. Most notably winning a place at the San Francisco Horror Film Festival and the Belfast film festival showing his picture Hold Your Breath starring two locally acclaimed actors Michael Lieberman and Cathy Kiera Clarke. Robin first love however will always be his music production. His main influences are from the Detroit techno scene. Underground Resistance, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson was his first love of techno music. Recently tekseven has taken influence from Labels such as CLR, Drumcode, 50weapons, and Sandwell District. Robin Tekseven has a pending release of an electronica music album he has recently finished coming out of Italy. More news of this will be included in a future update of his Bio