Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 060 Annie Hall
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Description: Annie Hall is one of the classics on the Spanish electronic music scene. Her style as a dj oscillates between idm, electro and techno, combined with dance floor appeal. Her style has landed her gigs long side artists such as Laurent Garnier, Model 500, Dynarec, Rude 66, Legowelt and many more around Europe. She has resonantly made celebrated live performances at Sonar Barcelona, Bleep 43 in London and at the DEAF festival in Dublin, supporting Model 500. Her melodic form of idm-electro and techno is pressed on vinyl by respected label D1 recordings and more is on the way.. As a producer, she released her first celebrated EP on Dublin based D1 recordings in 2008. Other labels involved in her work are the Minuendo label (Spain), Miga label and Semantica Records (a compilation together with artists such as Jimmy Edgar and Ed Chamberlain) and a recently ep called Elephant Road with same label, rightnow is preparing her ep for Detroit Underground. She also works with Detroiter Sherard Ingram (Urban Tribe) and his Micron-audio label. Her elaborate production techniques transform her songs into authentic mental trips filled with emotion and expressivity that work both on the dance floor and in the home environment. www.anniehall.net www.residentadvisor.net/dj/anniehall www.soundcloud.com/annie-hall-dj