Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 067 Jay Zoney
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Description: Born in Vancouver, Canada in the year 1975, Jay has been a music fanatic all of his life. His career began in 1994 as a techno dj in Vancouvers underground club and party scene. He was a frequent guest on Vancouvers first techno radio show Homebass hosted by long-time friend, and Pioneer of Vancouver Techno, DJ Noah. In 2001 Jay focused his attention on producing his own sounds. With influences such as Sven Vath, Chris Liebing, Hardfloor, Spicelab (Oliver Lieb), Luke Slater, and D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Jay has developed his own unique brand of moody dark Techno with the underlying message of love. Jay is a believer in God, and has always felt His inspiration. Music has been a deep and direct channel by which his relationship continues to evolve and grow. Jay is the Label Boss at Eternal Drive Recordings, and the Events Manager for Subspec Music. Along with JGarrett, Jay has brought many top shelf artists to Vancouver to help build the techno masses in his hometown. He has worked on projects with artists such as, Black Asteroid, Hardfloor, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Andrei Morant, Woody McBride, Freaky Chakra, James Kelley, John Massey, and RAFH & Re_Click, & JGarrett. Jay continues to evolve and push the boundaries of Techno Music. Links: jayzoney.com http://soundcloud.com/jayzoney eternaldrive.ca subspec.com