Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 073 C.7even
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Description: One Thing is particularly important in C.7evens music: love. Her emotion, passion and dedication drives her crowd on the dancefloor. Considering that she has been rather averse to music as a child, this is a big change. Electronic music in general or techno in particular has never really caught her peculiar interest. Why she took this route by coincidence has been kind of a miracle to her from the beginning. She had her first inspiring contact with House & Techno in 2009 when 2//Jacks an exemplary DJ and producer team from Mainz introduced the music to her. The two guys (mostly DJ Shin) taught her skillful DJing and the required sensitivity for music. Timid curiosity quickly turned into greedy lust, C.7even wanted more. Acts such as Paul db+, Ida Engberg, Peter Eilmes (a.k.a Plattenpeter), Chris Liebing and Ben Klock got more and more interesting to her and influenced her career. C.7even can not be placed into a certain genre. Her sets range from melodic groovy tech house up to dark impulsive techno. But her passion is in propulsive and powerful sound. She is constantly enhancing her mix technique and improves from gig to gig. The legendary U60311 club in Frankfurt, also plays an important role. During her first visit, the euphoria of the underground immediately fascinated her and in July 2011 she finally got her first gig at the beloved U60. Today, C.7even and her tunes are a regular guest on the decks there. This is the beginning of her career and it will be interesting to further follow the path of this young DJane.