Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 090 James Kelley
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Description: Hailing from somewhere deep in the shadows of the Dallas (USA) underground this veteran artist, with over a decade of existence in the scene, is no stranger to orchestrating dance floors into a late night mind f*&k. Influenced by dank dark warehouses and all night marathon sets, his weapons of choice have been known to span several genres including minimal, techno, and tech house. Beginning his exploration of electronic sound in the late 90s, he then spent the next 7 years hypnotized by his love for vinyl. During this time of experimenting with almost every source of music available to him, he always leaned toward the darker side of sound, finally finding his home with dark minimal techno. In early to mid 2010, he decided that producing his own music was the only way to go deeper into his own thoughts and express himself as an artist. After finally making material available to the public, he was immediately signed with Kontrol Records Rome and Mischkonsum Records of Stuttgart, Germany. His debut release The Spell EP and follow up releases The Seven Year Detour EP and Time Machine EP quickly seated themselves amongst some of the genres elite at #17, #7,