Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 097 Axkan (live at #FOFN)
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Description: Going thru the high increase of electronic music projects, we can say there is one that has have maintained the most original dark sound, creating the perfect combination of ethnic roots, noise and techno elements, we are talking about AXKAN. Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy, Plastikman, Autechre among others, have been source of inspiration to create his musical basics. As a teenager in the late 80s, Luis Flores and Federico started assembling a project focused in Industrial music, later Jorge HM joined to create Double Helix, one of the most important Techno projects in Mexico. Months later, Federico had the opportunity to live some experiences which made him conceive the idea of a different music where percussions and ethnic elements were obvious, so after working sometime in both projects, Federico leaves Double Helix to create his own solo project, Axkan. Short after he published multiple tracks under the label NopalBeat and had the chance to perform thru the US, Mexico, South America, Spain and Russia. Up to this day, his sound keeps morphing, changing towards a more raw sound. Federico is still an avid collector of vintage electronic musical instruments and modular gear, with his arsenal has always been trying to create unique sounds, without trying to fall into a specific genre, without trying to make music that sell records, just having fun with noise. This recording is a live PA performed at a #FOFN event in Los Angeles in December 2014.