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Description: Known in music as Gronotek, born in 1990 in the west side of Santiago de Chile. Has a normal life, until his young age of 11, influenced by his older brother, he is taken to his first rave for the year 2001. Amazed by the sounds of electronic music, there is what would be your lifestyle. Starting primarily with harder sounds like hardcore and hardtechno, influenced by artists such as dj amok, Frank Kvitta, viper xxl, headbanger, RTC, and others. It is initiating its first mixes in the underground atmosphere of Santiago. After several years listening to music, it is that your musical profile is becoming more and more sense, which is why in 2005, began his career in music production of techno music. After several years, playing at events in the city, gradually gained momentum his career, it is how in 2010 he founded the platform A Techno Alliance. In 2015 he founded his personal stamp, ATA SERIES REC., which brings a new wave of techno sound, filled with fresh energy artists to display current, space and hypnotic techno. With The Ripped, owner of UTCH, Greyhead owner K-84 and Sarnival, Spanish DJ and producer, decided to found UFO GROUP / ADVANCE TECHNO. This is the opportunity to show their talents in clubs in the city of Santiago, Buenos Aires and Colombia, and gave its style, and standing by it. https://www.facebook.com/gronotek.official https://soundcloud.com/gronotek https://pro.beatport.com/artist/gronotek/222415