Dystopian Rhythm Podcast 114 Mike Derer
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Description: Mike Derer: Just a man with a dick and a dream. Initially raised by feral wolves, he transcended the forest and made his way into innercity. From there, he made moves in the rap game before stumbling upon an illegal warehouse rave party one fateful evening. Once inside, he couldnt believe what he heard. He had to back up off of it and set it his cup down, house music and chronic, Boy Im fucked up now! he thought. From that moment forward, he was inspired to become the biggest EDM DJ Ibiza has ever seen. The road has taken its toll. Many contenders have challenged him in the arena but none have lived to talk about it. One evening in a Walmart parking lot, he saved a baby from a burning car. In the process, it left his body horribly scarred. It took years of corrective surgery for Mike to get better. We can rebuild him, we have the technology some fucking Doctor said. So they did. This brings us to today, Mike Derer is the half-human, half-plastic techno robot machine of the future, but he is here earlyTODAY. Dustin Zahn