Minus Connections Podcast

Description: Welcome to the "Minus Connections" podcast. At the end of each month, you will find here a new episode by one of our artists, staff, friends... This podcast is not just a one hour mix of plain electronic music, it's supposed to be different! Each artist and his choice of songs tells a story - his own way to MINUS! The early influences, special songs for special moments etc... Whatever that might be, you will find the reason in the artwork window of your iTunes! Furthermore, the Connections podcast now includes selected projects from the MINUS EMBED initiative, which incorporates the work of creatives who've been invited to work with Richie Hawtin. Chosen individuals take part in a weekend excursion to catalog, document and respond to the experience using their own specific talents. The Embed concept provokes new ways of communication, connecting people closer to the world of Richie Hawtin.