What Happened To The Old MPIII.com?

MPIII.com used to be a large electronic music community. The website ran that way from April 2003 to May 2013. Just a little over 10 years.

During those 10 years there were over 60,000 sets submitted to the website. Over 460,000 total downloads. A total of 42,476 GB was served up.

Over that time the member base grew to over 60,000 members. However the participation in the website slowly declined. There were not enough sets being submitted to keep the website updated.

It was then decided to revamp the website to focus on highlighting electronic music podcasts. This way the website can be automated and still keep providing the newest livesets to the visitors.

I hope you enoy the new MPIII.com. It's updated automatically at midnight every single day. So check back often for new sets.

Click here for more info about the new website.

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